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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Savage Lovecast: Episode 99

Posted by Mercury at 11:26 AM


This week on Savage Lovecast:
A horndog keeps dating ladies who don’t want to have sex. Now he’s bugging out.

A nonorgasmic woman is making a lot of noise during sex, but she’s not closing the deal. How can she talk about it with her boyfriend?

A gay man with a cute voice freaks out and clams up when faced with smart hotties.

Dan urges a young woman dating a self-absorbed creep to fuck some sense into him.

All this plus much more. There’s always more.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your Radio Sucks: Episode 38

Posted by Mercury at 2:06 PM


Hello everybody. We have begun our initial descent into the greater Your Radio Sucks area. Please put your tray tables and seat backs in the upright position. Your flight crew will be circulating through the cabin to collect any trash, and your host Ned Lannamann will be playing songs by Bound Stems, Chad VanGaalen, Damien Jurado, Shaky Hands, Emiliana Torrini (pictured), the New Year, Calexico, Horse Feathers, Okkervil River, and the Donkeys. Please turn off any electronic devices you may be using—except for this one, of course. Thank you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pure Pod for Now People: Episode 87

Posted by Mercury at 11:06 AM


This week on Pure Pod for Now People, Matt is excited about his upcoming trip to see his beloved Buffalo Bills, and thus is rather hyper and chatty. He rants about airlines charging him for extra baggage, and bands that have creepy songs about underage girls. Matt and Magsy kick of football season with their first football team picks. Music by Dennis Wilson, Nick Gilder, Ween, the Ones, and many more. Welcome to episode 87 of Pure Pod for Now People!