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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Savage Lovecast: Episode 105

Posted by Mercury at 10:57 AM


This week on Savage Lovecast, host Dan Savage tackles these dilemmas:

What’s a good, giving, and game gal to do when her anal-loving hubby’s dick is too thick? A formerly single lady now finds herself feeling clingy and wracked with abandonment issues. A bisexual man just came out to his boyfriend and faces a world of trouble. A woman dating an engaged, bisexual, cross-dressing father needs a little sorting out. A 17-year-old wonders (among other mind-boggling things) if she can get pregnant during her period.

And more. There’s always more.

Are you a couple that decided to have children? Give us a call at 206-201-2720, and let us know what the kid has done to your relationship.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your Radio Sucks: Episode 44

Posted by Mercury at 11:38 AM


It’s time to kick up your heels with a new episode of Your Radio Sucks! Or, if you don’t have heels, a comfy pair of cross trainers will do… Sandals? Okay, if you must. Listen to music from Parts & Labor, Church, the Sea and Cake, Dragonette (pictured), El Guincho, Tobacco, Times New Viking, Soft Tags, the Felice Brothers, and Menahan Street Band. It’s like a foot massage for your ears!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pure Pod for Now People: Episode 93

Posted by Mercury at 11:49 AM


This week on Pure Pod for Now People, Matt and Magsy honor two recently deceased musicians, make their football picks, and make future hipster wedding fashion tips. Music by Sean Croghan, Teenage Head, Against Me, Aerosmith and more. Welcome to episode 93 of Pure Pod for Now People.